Saturday, July 29, 2017


Did the craziest thing today and woke up early on a Saturday. So most of you would know I am not a make up person mainly because 1. I like to sleep in 2. it costs way too much 3. ceebs, but when mac announced free lipsticks, why not??? 

I slept in and arrived 45min before opening time, and the line was crazy long, I bet people got there at 7am. 'No catches' during freebies always means limited stock, and colours. I wasn't really fussed on colours, just anything but red (already have), purple or orange. At Macquarie they did a lucky drawer at the mac store but they had more nicer colours which you couldn't see, and at the Myer side they had more limited colours. The cut the line by the time they officially opened at 9.30am, and Myer also ran out of stock around that time. I also dragged my mum along ><

Freckle tone and Flamingo in lustre finish

They're actually quite nice and something which I don't have. I still can't comprehend how one of these tiny things cost $36. Waiting for about 1 hr in total, well it's a lot more than what I earn, so time vs money wise it was worth it. The main reason I think I can save (well more like afford to splurge on food) is that I hardly spend on make up at all. That may change in the future, but survived high school + uni close to no make up...Well apart from dance concerts/comps where you have to cake it on...It's just so expensive, and at the end of the day you take it off....and even though with food at the end of the day it comes out of you, at least it's an excuse to catch up with friends, or celebrate something and of course food photos....Make up it's all about you vs food it's you + others (most of the time)...Well everyone has diff priorities and some people like to buy make up to add to their collection.

seems longer than any food line, at least it moved

People know how to make business, so Hattrick made some take away coffees for $2 for people waiting in line...I succumbed to one since too tired. $2 is ok since coffee in this area is normally $4.

Had a talk at church later today on suffering, and it really does put into perspective my suffering is really not that 'big' compared to other people's. Still big in my life, but at the end of the day, life goes on...They made it as a '3 course dinner' which I thought was pretty cute.

Apple crumble for dessert (obviously chose the plate with the biggest scoop of ice cream lol)

Dabjapan regrammed my photo of the Zero Gravity Cake! #goals haha jokes, even though it's not Dominique Ansel's account, it's still cool to have it regrammed. I'm really just posting on Insta cause it's fun to document food pics/still ceebs to upload to fb and a lot faster compared to blogging. I know it's not going to turn professional, or else I would've learnt how to use my camera properly and actually make an effort to eat out every day's just easier to upload iPhone photos. 

Even though some food bloggers are super fit/skinny, I always wonder isn't all the 'bad stuff' still in their blood stream...and probably still not good in the long run. I still haven't been out for a Sydney brunch in close to 2 months, but weirdly I'm not in a rush too. The Sydney cafe scene has blown up way too much, and it's impossible to keep up. I used to have a list of places to eat, now I've given up. Just have a small mental list so I don't feel like I have 'chase' these things...

Relos celebrating July/August birthdays, and an uncle who recently visited the US was handing out gifts...Sometimes I think we feel so remote on this side of the world with no relos, but then again, I still love living in Sydney, and 100% would struggle to fit my crap into a small HK apartment. Hmmm.....idk what cake to get this year, still ceebs and normally I plan at least 2 weeks ahead...

Also, is it ironic that I still can't find a pair of glasses which fits me even though I've worked at the same place for almost 4 years?

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