Sunday, May 1, 2016

Brunch of Fun

I tend to make an effort to go to places if there are special desserts available. First time going to this warehouse style restaurants, for this 'Brunch of Fun' hosted by Luke Mangan. I also like celebrity chefs, and luckily didn't have any exams to study, so decided to come and try out food from different people (mainly from Insta).

There was a massive line 15mins before it officially started. Next time I'll know to either pre purchase tickets, or come an hour after it opens to avoid the lines. It wasn't even free food-$5 entry fee (pretty sure last time it was free entry, but they probably found there were too many people). They did have a 3 course brunch before it opened as well, but that was mainly the food they offered there just on plates and not cardboard boxes with champagne. Pretty good atmosphere inside with a DJ and a bubble machine.


cute signs

Cakes by Cliff

I really wanted to try something by Cakes by Cliff since he now does mainly wedding cakes and collaborations with other products, but this was mainly Coco Pops infused panna cotta, chocolate cake and chocolate crackle, so a bit too much chocolate for me, and I could kind of imagine what it would taste like. Tbh, I really wanted this mainly because of the rose gold coloured embossed glass jars.

dessert guys!


A very sweet mimosa: deconstructed Mimosa (breakfast cocktail), Henriot Champagne mousse ball w/ spiced orange cake, fresh orange, champagne jelly w/ white chocolate, corn flakes-$10

Couldn't really taste the champagne in this, but maybe becuase I love my champagne so prefer a stronger hit. The mousse has a denser texture and made out of 2 domes put together to form a sphere. The orange wasn't too strong which was good, since I don't really like orange flavoured cake. The other elements are from similar dishes at Koi. Love the crunch from the dehydrated oranges.

Not so honest cheesecake-citrus cheesecake mousse, brown butter crumble, uzi curd, burnt mandarin, honeycomb, yogurt

Yay for liquid nitrogen effect (although it died down by the time I took this photo). The cheesecake was smooth with a lighter mousse than the previous dish, and all the elements went really well together! It was hardly sweet at all, and super refreshing with citrusy flavours, crunchy honeycomb and dehydrated fruits and other softer bits.

Also, MasterChfe started today! Hoping to see another Reynold, hehe. Always room for more dessert people in Sydney.

I didn't buy one of these, but they were too pretty to not photograph. MakMak macarons style drumstick cones with strawberry mousse, chocolate, pocky sticks and of course macarons. They were $10, and even though it's small, it was just so pleasing to look at. 

the cutest french toast ever

Very french toast: brown sugar and cinnamon cake with a maple, mixed berry cream cheese frosting-$9

Didn't realise until after that sweetbakes is actually form Melbourne, so we chose well since it's always good to buy stuff from people who come from Melbourne to Sydney with their food. The cake itself wasn't too sweet, just the icing on top was quite sweet. There was some cinnamon in it, but I love more cinnamon flavoured stuff so would have preferred more spice. The frosting could have had more berry flavour, but it was nice and smooth. Mainly bought this for aesthetics since it is indeed the cutest toast I've ever seen. The attention to detail from the moustache stickered spoons, matching plates and toothpick flag. All of them looked the same as well, couldn't pick one which was 'prettier'. It was super filling though-we ate a half and definitely couldn't eat more sweet after. 

Black Star had their usual strawberry and watermelon cake. There were these chocolate taco things which looked quite cute. The white cake is actually a cheescake with champagne jelly and cream. I considered buying one to takeaway to try the champagne flavour, but was worried with the hot weather that this could time...

some milkshakes

more cute toast 

even the salt and pepper mills were white and milk chocolate sprinkles


Initially this line was massive, since I guess people do need to fill up on proper food. Didn't get any of their brunch menu food by Luke Mangan since it seemed average (but fancy for tcardboard box stile foods). It looked too hard to eat these standing up with no tables...

I'm just happy I had my desserts and sugar hit (:

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  1. Isn't it funny how the humble cornflake can make it into such fancy dishes?