Wednesday, May 18, 2016


It's nice to see home bakers open up little boutiques, since it's a lot more convenient to get to, especially if they open in the CBD rather than going to their house. Made is a collab between MakMak Macarons and Bakedown Cakery, so now I can try her cakes without having to purchase a whole cake. It's in a little alley within the building. 

cupcakes-$5.50 each

macarons-$3.50 each


36hour cookie-$4

Apparently the dry and wet ingredients are combined and soaked for 36 hours before being bake to make it more moist and fudge. The cookie itself wasn't really moist, but the chocolate did turn out fudgy, soft and somehow moist. It wasn't gooey though, so something worth trying, but won't try again due to the price. Yes, it's one expensive cookie, and I have had better ones (mainly in NYC...)

Pandan Coconut: pandan base topped w/ white choc coconut buttercream

vibrant green

The cupcake is quite small for the price, but it came in a nice takeaway box so taking it home without it being destroyed wasn't an issue. The cake is quite soft, not too buttery or sweet, and a good hit of pandan. The coconut frosting was also fragrant, but the buttercream was quite grainy, and you could taste the sugar granules in it, which is a no for me. The piping is quite pretty, but would have preferred more cake in proportion to the icing.

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  1. I love concepts like the 36 hour cookie - would buy that because it's more worth it to get something like that which you wouldn't go to the trouble of making at home.

    The sakura print on the macaron is pretty!