Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Dee Why Hotel

Dee Why is one of the places where you won't go unless you have to. Was at Curl Curl earlier in the morning for uni, which meant going to this place for lunch was perfect to satisfy my burger cravings, especially after hearing a lot about this place. 

The Famous Trufflenator: double wagyu beef patty, truffle mayo, truffle butter, truffle infused provolone, truffle maple syrup, bacon, American cheddar, onion rings, Japanese milk bun-$18.50 plus truffle pecorino chip-$4.50 (free for Fatties i.e. fb member of the Fatties Burger Appreciation Society)

General Sanders: 12 hour brined chicken, 50-50 buttermilk/hot sauce marinade, old bay crumbed and fried, million dollar bacon, American cheddar, pickled celery, Westmont ghost chilli dill pickles, jalapeno Mayo, dirty south sauce, Japanese milk bun-$18.50

look at that height


nice and pink


Personally I think this place is over hyped, and possibly inconsistent, if so many people have said it was good, yet many reviews said it was average. My burger wasn't stacked as high as my friend's, although it was still too big to fit into my mouth, so ended using a knife/fork. With 'truffle' being mentioned so many times in the description, I was hoping for a massive truffle hit since I love my truffles. Obviously they used truffle oil and not actual truffles since I didn't see or taste much either. It was salty goodness with heaps of sauce, but the truffle in the mayo and cheese was subtle. There was probably too much sauce as well. The bacon could have been crispier, and the meat was well cooked and seasoned but could also have been juicer. Onion rings were on the soggy side. The bun was soft and sweet which helped balance all the saltiness. 

Maybe since I've exposed my tastebuds to real truffle that I love a strong truffle flavour and it's harder for me to detect truffle oil flavoured stuff...I know some people hate that truffle flavour since it's an acquired taste, but found this burger to have just enough truffle for them without hating the burger.

The chips were super delicious, and a lot better than what I was expecting. Super delicious flavour from the cheese and there was more truffle flavour in it. Chips had some crunch and still soft on the inside. I normally hate wasting food, but with all this salt and fat, I really couldn't finish some of the bun and half of the chips. Super filling even for me (and I can eat a lot). Didn't have much to eat for dinner since I was so full from this...Had some of the chicken burger and the meat was moist and skin was definitely crunchy. 

I guess the burgers here is something to try if you're in the area, but not worth the trek up from wherever you live. The truffle pecorino chips are worth trying though!

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  1. I don't think I've actually tried truffle! Or maybe at Paper Plane where there was truffle oil with the egg and avocado on toast.