Sunday, May 8, 2016

Blaq Piq

Some things are just better not shared, and I think these pancakes are better if you have them all to yourself! Been wanting to come here since summer last year, but haven't had time until recently for a spontaneous brunch. The daily specials sounded good on paper, but really I was just here for the pancakes. Couldn't decide which photos to upload, so just put them all here.

Pandan buttermilk pancakes w/ coconut ice cream, fresh berries, nata de coco, pecan crumble, salted coconut sugar syrup-$16


the never ending sauce

vibrant green inside

The pancakes were so good! Loved the fragrant pandan smell, and not overpowering flavour. The pancakes weren't really fluffly or thick so could've had more buttermilk, but they weren't too dense either. The other standout was the coconut ice cream-so much creamy coconut flavour in that scoop. If I could buy a tub of that stuff I would. Not sure if they made it themselves since the texture was kind of similar to stuff from tubs, but even if they did source it from somewhere, I'll still buy a tub. I also loved those jelly like things which are kind of flavourless, but the chewiness in them is fun. The syrup was really nice as well. Initially salty then you have the sweet-ish coconut after taste. I kept pouring it for almost every bite, but still had some syrup left at the end. Don't add too much since it does become syrupy and sweet, but a little bit at time time gives it a nice saltiness and balance. Fruits were fresh raspberries, strawberries and grapes, and who doesn't love edible flavours sprinkled on top. There was also crunchiness from the granola as well.

It took over 15min for this to come out even though ti wasn't very busy, but all the textures and flavours balanced perfectly. Can't comment on the savoury dishes or coffee, but definitely come here to try the pancakes (:

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  1. the "jelly" like stuff looks like nata de coco which is made by coconut water and something else

  2. ahhh those pancakes are so pretty!

  3. This looks absolutely amazing! The presentation is beautiful and the flavours sound exquisite :)