Saturday, May 7, 2016

Rotation 1

This week has been both slow and fast. From 7hr breaks on Mon, and 8hr breaks on Wed, I've felt like I've done nothing all week (except eat and get fat). Over a month of not getting a full consult, I was way too flustered yday after finally getting a px and running way overtime...last practice before we start getting marked next week. So not ready, but need to pick myself up and not be so disappointed at the feeling of failure...

This sem isn't too stressful in terms of content since last 2 years was when we learnt all the diseases, and most of the clinical skills, but the most stressful part is before when you 'mentally' prep and when a supervisor comes in to watch you. Well, not more night clinic for 8 wks! Don't have to bring breakfast, lunch a dinner and ration out of my food for the day. Not ready for rotation 2, still feel I'm llacking in my clinical skills...

Met up with Dandelion earlier this week and finally visited her work place! Yay for catch ups (: Next time will try to catch up over soups for lunch lol. Her work place is just as cool as she described. And wow-so much food and drinks for the employees-you do wonder is it even possible to try everything/every flavour there during your career, with also heaps of places to eat in the city. Thanks for the ice cream, hehe. I think if I worked there with so much free food I would actually get fat especially just sitting at a desk...Everything there looks so fun as well. I still fail at claw machine...hence I've never paid to try...Love how her workplace really values their employees. #workgoals.

compared to my current job where they reduced the pay by 20%...and also family and friends discounts aren't that great either now and only lasts for a wk. I didn't even get my vouchers sent to my email ): they used to have vouchers valid for 3 mths, guess not anymore since we're not profiting as much=/

Pasta at Loft 1 Cafe-$16

Pasta was cooked al dente and decent bits of meat inside. Tomato not overly seasoned and tomatoey (I prefer cream pastas over tomato even though it's less healthy). It wasn't really big, but I guess it's a good portion for the price.

Also watched Captain America Civil War (with my bro for once) on Thursday. I really liked it, but too bad Iron Man lost (well obviously since it's titled Captain America). I prefer Iron Man's gadgets. Also went to the T2 event earlier, I sampled heaps of tea and their new biscuits. I found that they didn't have enough tea infused or the flavour the packaging says. Most are soft except for the macadamia one, and they aren't that sweet either. Personally wouldn't buy a packet for $12 with only 10-12 in each pack.

Therapeutics lectures not uploaded this week again. She's like 3 weeks behind, and I bet everything is going to be uploaded during stuvac. This impending stress is coming.

Yep, pretty much going out to eat, events and movies instead of studying for the test next week. 

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