Thursday, May 12, 2016

Jonga Jip

I've been wanting to go to this place for ages, particularly for their side dishes, and finally found some time after mid sem exams to go with the fam for lunch. I was a pretty warm/hot day, so didn't got for kbbq (something for next time).

12 side dishes!

Really loved the black sesame sauce on the lettuce (first time having it), the sweet/spicy-ish tofu (?) thing and the potatoes (: I'm not knowledgable at all on Korean cuisine, but all the side dishes were super delicious! Obviously the prices of the dishes are a little bit more than normal to reflect the generous amount of sides. I try not to refill too much in case they don't like it...

Seafood Pancake-$20

Love the size of this, and heaps of topping inside as well. {pretty good price and really well cooked. They cut this in front of you as well, so well sized pieces to grab with your chopsticks and fits into your bowl. It wasn't fried too dark/black on the bottom which is a plus since I associate black/super burnt food=cancerous stuff. The pancake dipping sauce had a slight chilli kick, I prefer the sweeter sauce to dip the pancake into it. 

Large Sweet Potato Noodles-$35

Didn't look that big when it came, but you could get at least 6 filled bowls of this when you split it up. It could have been more seasoned, and have more beef in it, but it was still really good.


Nice and sizzling when it came out. Would have preferred more of the marinade and beef in this dish. There were heaps of veggies especially onion under it. It came with rice and miso soup as well.

Definitely will be back for the sides and hopefully go kbbq to try more of their meats.

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  1. We always get the seafood pancake! I would like to try to Japchae next time!