Thursday, April 28, 2016

Was at uni from 7am till 10:45pm yesterday at uni-almost 16hours spent there. New record

Had 5.5 hours sleep the night before, so somehow managed to stay awake for so long there. Didn't get a patient today since I was dispensing, but it was good listening to feedback from other supervisors to students who had a patient since there's always something new to learn. I do appreciate him staying giving us tutes after 9pm...

This week has felt super long, but mainly because of all that time at uni. We already had the public holiday on Monday, so technically the week should feel shorter...

Screwed up the therapeutics PBL yesterday, kind of regret volunteering first since my mind was so blank, and the stuff we had wasn't all right and probs a bit too shallow.

I finally dragged myself out to go swimming today since I didn't have uni (mainly because I wanted to go out and eat after, and felt too guilty not exercising and just eating). I still have my endurance but my speed has slowed down so much, it's quite sad ):

fancy packaging with 'tasting advice'

I found it too bitter for me, 90% is still quite nice, just not 99%. Parents were fine with it, since they can all those bitter asian foods lel. I actually don't like Lindt block packagings, since once you rip the foil, it's so hard to store the chocolate inside the outer cardboard packaging. This one is quite nice (as you would expect since it's twice the price of the other ones). You lift the foil tab, and the chocolates are on a container, so you just slip the chocolate in and out of the cardboard. 

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  1. Goodness, 99% would be super intense! The 90% is really soft and nice though.