Saturday, May 14, 2016

waking up before 6 the whole week for five 8am starts aren't fun, and neither are 8am exams, but early starts does mean i get to avoid peak hour traffic and get to uni in less than 1.5 hours...just 4/5/6pm finishes always take over 2 hours to get home...

decided to let myself fully sleep in until 11am today, catching up on sleep. i've never watched eurovision, but watched some cause of dami. her performance and dress was pretty amazing, then started listening to other people. Russia's song and production was pretty cool as well. I love how big the stadium there is with the amazing sets/lights/technology/sound Aus will never be able to afford/have since we're still not that great internationally in singing.

quite unproductive day harder next week, when i finally get my first patient and it's going to be marked.

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  1. Ew 8:00am exams... And work. I don't know how you do it!