Monday, May 16, 2016

Cre Asion

Finally a place in Sydney where I can get a good, strong hit of matcha. Yes, I'm late to the party, spontaneous decision to go here after a lecturer didn't show up so we ended up having a 7 hour break.

cute little corner cafe

macarons and cakes!

There is really minimal seating here, more stools and also stool height tables, so not ideal to study at, but good to just relax away from the busy-ness out on the main streets. Most people but stuff to takeaway. It actually is quite tiny, but I think they do some/most of their baked goods there. Could see them whipping up egg whites for the meringues for the chiffon cake (which I will be coming back for), and saw a whole tray of granola stuff which smelt amazing. Their toasted sandwiches smelt really good as well, but didn't have any at this visit.

Matcha latte-$5

It was quite a big bowl, so value for money. You could really taste the matcha in it. It's quite nice initially and I prefer bitter matcha over the sweeter matcha lattes, but it got a bit too bitter at the end. The milk was frothed perfectly here. I guess i have had a more bitter matcha latte overseas, but it was a smaller portion. Still a good price for the quality and quantity.

Genmai matcha latte-$5

Could definitely taste the roasted rice flavour in this. So fragrant.

Green tea tart-$4

Had a bit of this, and the green tea was so smooth. It wasn't too bitter or sweet, just the tart base was a bit harder to cut through, especially since the tables are so low.

Fondant cake-$8.50 ($6.50 takeaway)


Apparently the size is smaller compared to when my friend was here last. It didn't completely melt and pool out when I cut into it, and wasn't super warm either, but it was still moist. It looked really chocolatey, luckily it wasn't. Matcha flavour prominent both inside and out. This cake is minimally sweet. The matcha sauce on top was actually even more bitter than the matcha latte, but helps to keep the cake moist with every bite. The berries on the side with a coulis actually helped bring sweetness to the dish, The fondant wasn't mind blowing, but still very good and worth a try.

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  1. Matcha <3 I know I keep commenting that I need to try the places you've been to but I really do need to get to this one!