Thursday, October 29, 2015

2 exams today. first one was a supposed to be not stressful turned stressful exam. forgot to put units, frame didn't sit properly (even though I do this at work everyday). and no one knew what this exam was even supposed to other instructions apart from just turn up to it.

last disease module test today. this module probably had the thinnest amount of notes, but I felt like i studied the wrong things, and forgot the basics ): and I can't extrapolate stuff to interpret electrophysiology stuff. studied it but the stuff in the test was different. another failed test. the ones i passed were written not by the main guy, but i normally fail the main professor's test...and the finals is written by him...can't deal with 1 min per mark. and there's going to be long responses/paragraphs to answer in the finals. max a 'short answer' can be is to write an essay in 10 mins...

Halloween Aqua S version: Blueberry Cheesecake and Blood Orange-$3.80

They have now put up different cup sizes on their menu, before it was unofficial writing on the cups for price. The coloured the sea salt to a grey as well...i think this is my 7th aqua s, which is roughly almost $30 spent here...requested blueberry to be on top since i wanted more go it. so creamy and cheesecake like, wished there was more blueberry though. Blood orange was quite sweet but had some acidity. Not as good as messina's sourness, but not as rich/sweet as connoisseur.

free food for volunteering this year for the statuary place. this place on campus isn't bad...

4cm of disease notes

let me introduce you to diseases. this semester of diseases has taught be two print 2 pages per page each side. i used to do a4 pages for typed up notes/readings. each page also has 6 slides (as per norms). each slide and typed up notes has tiny font. i already didn't print out the stuff they say in lectures, or the case studies (around 50 pages each module, so around 300 pages...) i.e. that 4cm is just basic essentials, without textbook readings. looking back at first year when i had the luxury (tim( to write notes, this stack is about the same height as my first year notes, and roughly the same height for my 3rd yr 1st sem notes. now this is just for one subject this sem. so screwed. you know how i said i was screwed for diseases last sem? well that amount of notes is 1/3 of that pile...and readings last sem weren't really tested even though they were compulsory. but this sem like more than half comes from the readings D=

wow, i realllllly legit actually truly wish i can go through just 1 semester without feeling like i'm going to fail or wishing for a supp. if i don't get a supp, well i know i've failed. they don't even give you supps unless you pass everything single other component...i think only first year first sem where i didn't think about failing, then after that, i would try hard during semester, but my marks are borderline fail/pass, and then towards finals it's like i just really want that 50 to pass.

still 2 assignments. 1 is group work filled with stats. no going to use spss/other stats program since no time to use/figure out how to analyse stuff properly, so going to lose marks on that...

productivity died tonight. finals in less than 2 weeks. work in between. optm pracs no instructions/clue on what to do.

see you on the other posts which come up were all done before lol

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