Thursday, October 22, 2015

Signorelli Gastronomia-Sugar Rush

Goal achieved-posting this before Good Food Month/October ends.

Despite uni always being busy, especially with finals approaching (still have at least 3 assessments/exams before finals even start), so glad to go out and have some dessert with my annual dessert girls. It's now under #sugarruch and not #letsdodessert. I prefer the later....this year not many jumped out to say 'eat me', and most had chocolate in it which I try to avoid in these desserts...Also, too many desserts had a lot of nuts in it...

First time coming here, and it's inside one of the buildings/under offices, so coming in here the entrances were actually locked since it was after hours...but luckily a guy came out just as we went in, so else no idea how else to get inside...

They started dessert only bookings from 8pm, even though the restaurant wasn't really full that night. The dessert took around 20mins to plate up both dishes. I guess that's understandable, like desserts from Quay took around 15-20min since it's made on the spot. This one just had a lot of stuff going on the plate.


Under the Sea-$26 for 2

I love how it's a shared plate, since that means it's cheaper and it helps cut down all that sugar/calories/fat. This plate had so many textures and flavours, it was impossible to get every single component together in the one bite. 

The hazelnut semifreddo was quite nice and surpringly filling. Was expecting it to be colder though. Couldn't really tell the difference in terms of the 'treasures' inside, but the spicy pineapple was definitely spicy. There were some hard bits, and the menu said they were banana and orange croutons, but couldn't really taste the flavour. The jubs were also quite minimal as well. The salty waves were indeed very salty, and you really had to have it with the semifreddo or that icing they used to stick it up in. The sand wasn't actually really buttery, which was surpassingly nice. Loved the lightness of the sponge coral, but the nougat flavour was very subtle. As for the dessert wine, it was quite sweet compared to others I have tried, and super sweet for a wine (didn't take a photo of it, but it was in a small glass).

Overall, the dessert probably had too many bits and pieces, but it did look like what it said on paper (though harder to photograph).

Quick google search of Vincent Gadan on Masterchef came up with the perfume spray bottle dessert, which I actually blogged about wanting to try a few years ago...but now he doesn't work at that patisserie anymore, but upgraded to be a chef here. 

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