Friday, October 16, 2015

Night Noodle Markets 2015

Originally wasn't planning to go since I don't really have time, but decided to go anyway since I really didn't want to miss out on things (and needed a break from another horrid disease test, and a break before a finals next week). They had less decorations this year, but a lot more stores. It was lovely catching up and seeing friends :)

As always, things are at least $1/2+ more expensive and smaller compared to the actual restaurant. You're here for the vibe and the convenience of all the stores around you. It does cost that extra few dollars to get to some places or petrol money for food around Sydney, so it's expected prices here are higher.

I only tried things which you can't get normally, or are a special collaboration. Wanted to get skewers since I've never had them before at the markets, and for the novelty of eating them, but line was too long, and I wouldn't have been able to finish it myself.

that liquid nitrogen

Teafogato: strawberry watermelon cake smashed w/ N2 gelato w/ a tippity hibiscus rooibos tea soza and freeze dried cherries-$10

Yes, it's small and expensive, but it's different. I've actually had that gelato before at Sweet Street earlier this year. This one didn't really have any cake in it at all, and the flavour was a lot more subtle. This dessert was different, the tea was like slightly carbonated water and very subtle in tea flavour. Once the gelato started to melt, it had more flavour in it. Defs good for those people who don't really like sweet stuff. I would say this was strange but worth trying

Miso Corny: miso and sweetcorn soft serve, coriander and lime syrup, azuki beans, burnt butter popcorn and corn flakes-$12

by Devon Cafe

Only Devon on Danks in Waterloo has their soft serves, but that's too much of a detour going to uni. It's close by car, but buses are another story. In hindsight, I should have showed them the Insta photo, since this portion was small compared to it, and obviously not placed right...the cornflakes were at the bottom and lime syrup wasn't fully filled in the pipette. This had some saltiness but it was quite sweet. The corn flavour wasn't super prominent, and neither was the burnt butter. The red bean paste made it even more sweeter. The syrup was very interesting. Main thing was that it melted way to quickly. It wasn't super hot, but already started to melt when they first gave it to me. Not sure if it's the consistency or just because they had to make it at the markets...

Another collaboration! Singleton Whisky and Momofuku Milk Bar

Singleton whisky and maple cookie by Christina Tosi from Momofuku Milk Bar in New York!-$3

They were free if you purchased a $9 whisky, but I'm not really a big fan of whisky and was really after the cookie.

looks so plain, but so good

Her cookies were packaged and shipped from New York, but it retained that chewiness without being hard even though it's been refrigerated. It's quite buttery and sweet, but the whisky helps cut through without being too rich. Sah good and chewy.

that time last year in NYC. some of the stuff I purchased :) both of these items are also trade marked, like all iconic NYC desserts

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  1. I went to the night noodle markets once and felt like I've gotten the experience and would probably not bother waiting in those lines again. Looks like your trip was worth it though!