Friday, October 23, 2015

definitely miss calculated the number of assessments i still have. beginning of this week was actually 6, then had 2 yday. the practical one went so overtime, so waiting to get tested/asked questions, the theory one was so dodgy. that lecturer receives the award for the least organised/badly worded test ever. she made 3 versions of the exam to prevent other people from cheating since we were in a lecture room, but each row had the same version, so people could still glance to the side...? as if you can glance over the top, the levels were really shallow. for diseases there are 4 options, but same questions just diff order. normal optm exams also have at least 3-4 options, with people left/right, up/down diff version. so don't get her logic there. anyways, it was a 30min exam but couldn't go into depth with anything. only just finished in time. questions were so badly worded, like 'show working' but there were no measurements to do calculations what? and all 3 exams had different levels of hardness. other exams normally have same questions but diff numbers/values. we were all like 'what does she want from us??' after the exam. wording sah vague.

2 more exams, 2 more assignments before finals begin. no time to study for finals D=

Dad's birthday today, and to keep things simple (and save money since my cake was pretty much twice the family's budget for birthday cakes), just bought a simple cake from Zumbo. wow, even the bags don't have any print/says Zumbo now...

Two Dittos-$9.50 (description above cause ain't nobody got time for that)


everyone in the fam loved this one. pineapple on the outside, not overly sweet mousse on the inside. there wasn't much sponge so would have like more of that. Zumbo's cakes aren't cheap nowadays ):
also had a salted caramel cheesecake from Sara Lee (bought it when it was on sale). haven't had frozen cheesecake in so long. the salted caramel part wasn't a complete layer through the cheesecake luckily, since it was a lot more sweet caramel than salty. still nice though :)

so screwed for everything. holiday planning dilemmas again.

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  1. Yum, that looks so good. Imagining the tartness of the cheesecake and pineapple! You are so good at choosing.