Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Choc Pot Take 2

Taking relatives out for food runs in Chatswood, and decided to visit this place again. I love collecting points, so was sad when last time I spent $30+ and didn't collect points. Roughly 30 points can get you a coffee.
Large capp: $4, French Earl Grey w/ Milk Choc Latte-$5

The coffee was actually not great, definitely watery but my mum wanted a coffee...but really I'm here to try their other drinks/desserts. The french early grey latte was so delicious. Exactly like the tea but in latte style with a little bit of chocolate to sweeten it without it taking away from the fragrance of flavour of the tea.

Trying their cold drinks, crepes and waffles which I didn't get a chance to last time.
Banana Choc-$8, Pine Mojito-$8

The Splits (left): crepe with banana, whipped cream, honeycomb pieces, melted Belgian choc w/ salted caramel on the side-$14.50

S'more Nuts: crunchy waffle with nutty butter, melted belgian choc, roasted hazelnuts, toasted home-made marshmallows

We actually shared these desserts between 7 people which was a good idea since we had a massive lunch before hand, I had an ice cream, and chocolate is generally decadent. 

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  1. One of my uni friends says this place is amazing! And the French earl grey latte sounds really interesting!