Sunday, October 25, 2015

Homemade Meat Feast

do you guys remember when i met the winners from mkr 2015 and got a $50 voucher? well my mum used it today from the local butchery. we hardly ever (rarely) by from them because it's just so expensive, even if it is nicely placed, clean and good quality meat, woolies/coles is just cheaper, esp when my brother is all about quantity over quality, but i am the opposite.

had a belated celebration of good food/meat feast for dad's bday.
american pork ribs-$22/kg, porterhouse steak-$42/kg, lamb cutlets-$49/kg

normally we buy pork ribs at 16ish, cheaper steak at 10-20ish, and cutlets for 20ish per kilo, so their prices are very expensive. the meat above was $60, with the lamb cutlets around $4 for one piece. think about going outside to eat, it's not that expensive. $30 main dish would probably get you 2 cutlets and other stuff on the plate, plus they cook and wash for you. here you have to prep, season everything, cook and eating good meat outside isn't too bad. like $45 1kg rib platter with sides at a restaurant, and compared to $22 here, so you save time since home made ribs are the most time consuming. meat was so soft, sah good. they said it was porterhouse steak, but it wasn't super thick...btw, i didn't do any cooking (just saying). oh how i have missed these long ribs...last week was only short ribs...

still missing that $130US steak i had last year with the fam back in steak ever...

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  1. Wow, we've never made ribs like that! It looks so professional!


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