Saturday, October 10, 2015

EyeBall 2015

EyeBall was last yes, back posting again... this year with the full optom crew (last year one person didn't go), and since one of my friends might leave for med next year, this was probs our last time to go together. It was held at the renovated Dolton House, Hyde Park. entrance door was quite obscure and small, but once you went inside and up to level 3, it was quite grand.

don't normally take selfies, but only photo of this part of the building

this year we had drinks and canapés on arrival! last year was only drinks. canapés were held on the side room with expansive mirrors and fancy lounges. ticket were an extra $10 this year, so $90, which is the sponsored price. i guess that's why we have the specsavers logo on our hoodies, since you can definitely tell the difference between more sponsors and less. canapés were pretty good, from memory around 5 different ones: salmon cream cheese things (not crackers, but something else), buffalo ricotta tarts, vegetarian samosas, bbq pork buns, har gao (prawn dumplings). i was kind of full before we even had our proper food. waiters were surprised when we passed on drinks. 

not bad quality either


the tea did a pretty good job. they had place cards shaped in scene clappers, sheets of 'who am eye' trivia, which was quite hard, and then just other stuff which made it nice.

function room


food was pretty decent, better than last place.

actually had crab in it, lovely and refreshing

tried a bit of the chicken. sauce was a bit spicy so luckily i didn't have this dish


quite a huge chunk, but it was really soft. gave half of the potato to my friend who is a potato lover (already had too many carbs, like had 2 pieces of not so fresh bread...). lots of people didn't finish their mains. already full from drinks/canapes lol

tried a bit of fish. the healthier option with minimal sauce, but slightly over cooked


so many components, a lot fancier than i expected for a place like this. really refreshing flavours and not too sweet. loved the bits of metallic paint on the biscuit.

creme brûlée!

since i do tend to eat a lot...i was super duper full, but i couldn't pass on my friend's dessert which you only ate less than half of. there wasn't much crack on the top and it wasn't served in ramekins...but it was still custardy goodness. had to specifically ask for my coffee since they stopped giving it once they dimmed down the lights...they also had pretty decent prizes, like a guy from 5th year won a gonio lens (worth around $500), which is used to look at the angles of the eye...

chandeliers made it so grand and fancy

not bad song choices either, well i knew most of them. Photo Booth was so good this year! it was sponsored, but the probs were so good and funny with heaps of different worded signs, and a lot bigger than last year. if only i had the money for that sort of stuff for my 21st...but i'm pretty sure hiring a professional Photo Booth with instant photos would cost the same as actually having a 21st in the first place lol. they also hired a professional photographer this year, so i guess my $90 was used wisely by the committee. didn't dance too much since we were all tired from standing lel.

entrance with heaps of mirrors

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  1. You look so lovely in your dress! I love the sleeves. And man, your venue was fancy.