Friday, October 9, 2015

i really hate how around 80% of our assignments this sem is group work. i hate group work. even if you're working with friends, people just do stuff last minute, and i really don't like telling people to do stuff. but they all manage to do things 1/2 days before, but i can't. and then everyone has different ideas/writing styles, so it's hard to make things flow.

and with our pharm assignment, so angry, spending over 6 hours researching, but can't find something decent to write on, since not sure what our main purpose of the assignment is. they only have us one sentence, and we're supposed to work out what to do from the super vague marking criteria.

handed in my 7 month long assignment the other day, and a few prac assignments the day before that. still got 2 new assignments to do, and yes, one of them is another group work which is due like beginning of stuvac. which sucks because i want to get started rather than use study time later one...but have yet to figure out groups....

assignments on top of 5 exams before finals even start, so all within 3 weeks D=

half price and new flavours

the chilli is actually chilli. had to have water after the ice cream.

flavours for the week: creme brûlée and peach in a cup-$3.80

quite a generous serving compared to last time. the creme brûlée was so creamy and delicious, just missing the blow-torched top...peach was a very sweet peach. too bad aqua s isn't directly across from  my bus stop anymore. watched my bus go and waited an extra 20min because of this ice cream detour...

and don't get me started on the new bus changes. wasting 10min to walk further to my bus stops, so wasting at least 20min each day since they moved my bus stops further down and away. and then there's a million traffic lights and intersections to catch the buses from the city to uni. doesn't help that since they reduced buses on george st, they're increased police at intersections to catch j walkers. seen one almost every day when i do my daily walks. yes, i do get an extra 20min of frustratingly walking in the city with people in the way and my laptop and equipment on my back, and the buses are a tad bit faster since you're not stuck in the city for 10mins. but i would much rather be stuck on a bus with aircon, so i have a bit more time to study/look at notes, rather than waste time walking there. and don't wan't to think about what happens when it rains...goodbye the times when i just crossed the road and had a daily dose of live Sunrise at Martin Place in the morning. also the buses from uni to town hall only stop at museum and martin place, not st james, so good bye quick window shopping at pitt st mall after uni if i needed something...and goodbye those convenient buses from town hall to central, trains cost so much more ): all those buses have just moved, and just waste so much time walking.

tl;dr: bus changes didn't make my travel journey faster.

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