Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Yum Cha at Star Capital

Trying to find decent Yum Cha's in Sydney, or in the Hills area is actually getting harder these days. Many restaurants have new managers, smaller portions, poorer quality. Was originally going to take my relatives out to the city, but since they've been there before, decided to head to Chatswood. Another day of uni skipped for food w/ relatives

This place normally specialises in seafood. My parents have been here before for a dinner, but not for yum cha, so decided to give this place a go. Pretty packed at around 1pm. The main difference from my last yum cha place was that the food was actually fresh and piping hot! There was probably at least 3 times the variety, and so frequent as well. The cups and bowls were also a little bit fancier with gold rimmed and a tea cup handle rather than the normal non-handle cups. Eats just easier to hold the tea for people like me who can't hold hot things...Tea is expensive here $4pp, but I guess thats what you'd expect in Chatswood, plus relatively cleaner things and trying to be fancy with their lights. Food was also more on the expensive side but it was decent. The har gaos had large, plump prawns, the pan fried turnip cakes looked cold on the trolley but were actually quite hot inside (hence actually fresh), deep fried stuff not too oily. Only down thing was the pastry pork bun things had a pretty thick dough. According to me relos from HK, they said it was decent (unlike last time where that place was actually bad). Service is pretty good here, which is always a plus.

some of the food. ended up with 16-17 dishes
~$180 for 8 people

(This was also in my drafts folder. Haven't had time to write something up for my 21st yet)

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