Sunday, September 6, 2015

Tung Tong Roong Thai

First work dinner of the year (and of all time, not incl Xmas dinner)

Went to a Thai restaurant in the surburb next door. Pennant Hills has changed so much. Got off the train and the old stairs weren't there but new stairs in a completely different location and lay out. Walked out of the station and didn't see any opal poles to tap off. I think since it was a Friday, people just don't bother with tapping off since it's supposed to be free after 8 journeys, but I needed to tap off or else I would reach the daily cap. Had to walk back up the stairs into the station, and found poles on the other side of the station (and I was already running late)

pad thai w/ chicken-$14.90, iced milk tea-$5

I've been to the other thai restaurant at penno, but first time going here. It was quite packed for a Friday night. Pad thai was average, decent serving, more on the pricey end (but average for the Hills area). Asked for no chilli on the side. They mixed the peanuts in so you do get some crunch. Chicken was probably a bit dry. The good thing was this dish was quite hot when they served it to you. After waiting for over 5mins for all the dishes to come (turned out to be 10min), still was fresh and piping hot.

They didn't specify if the milk tea was Thai or not. When it came I was disappointed at how thin the glass was. Not really authentic with the whipped cream and choc chips which was hard to drink/mix with just a straw. First sip and wow, all I tasted was sugar, and this is coming from someone with a sweet tooth and high sugar tolerance. Other drinks were pretty boring, but next time won't order a drink at all. Could hardly taste the tea.

ice cream-$6, fried ice cream-$7.50

Wasn't going to get ice cream, but everyone got it (so peer pressure). Desserts are good to just talk over work stuff with the tables mostly cleared. $6 for a normal, non homemade vanilla ice cream is super expensive. They put some whipped cream and sprinkles on it. Tried a bit of the fried ice cream, unfortunately it wasn't the nice filo pastry stuff you find at other Thai places. It was like the Chinese version, but not as doughy. The dough was quite thin and had some crushed nuts. You do get ripped off with ice cream, but the manager had stuff to tell us...Work paid for dinner, so can't complain :)

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