Tuesday, September 29, 2015

PappaRich and Messina Take 2

Lovely catch up with some high school friends. What a coincidence, same break last year, we also went here. (One day earlier than last year lol)

Just some snaps from the night. My phone ran out of memory, so borrowed my friend's iPhone 6. Don't really remember the prices/names either. I've been to PappaRich a few times now, and it's generally decently priced and delicious. I've pretty much have had all the non spicy dishes here.

drinksss. my one on the right: soya pudding w/ grass jelly-$5.90


Vegetarian noodle dish

Beef Rendeng w/ rice-$15

Pan mee soup noodles-$14

This didn't have enough mushrooms ): Egg was so soft though :)

Roti Canai w/ curry chicken-$8.90 Roti Teur Bawang w/ curry-$13.90

other stir fried noodles Char Koay Teow-$14

0.5L-$12.80+ 'artistically' placed spoons
Pannacotta w/ Fig Jam and Amaretti Biscuit, Blood Orange, Tongue Thai'd: Peanut and coconut gelato with cashew dacquoise and lime curd

We always seem to have something coconutty, and then blood orange as our staple sorbet. So yum and full of citrus flavour. I think I've pretty much have had most of the interesting Messina flavours as well (chocolate, vanilla etc is classed as non-interesting and probs not worth paying for). Love the creaminess of the pannacotta based gelato. The special I chose didn't have enough dacquoise in it or sourness form the lime, mostly coconut flavoured.

Thanks Happy Apple for the super delicious brownies!

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