Thursday, September 24, 2015

didn't guess as much in today disease test. took until the 4th exam to not guess over half the paper. but then afterwards i checked and thought the stuff i knew right, it was actually wrong D= please, 50% will do. currently failing diseases atm ))))))):

finals exam timetable, all exams done in less than a week. why you no spread it out? at least don't have 2 exams on the same day.

watched a bit of the bachelorette, and it's hilarious! all girls do is talk about each other behind their backs, but guys are just so upfront and funny (well the producers are very creative in telling what the guys should say).

Mum's birthday the other day, but didn't have time to buy cake even though I really love to buy (and eat) cake. She was full from the Fine Food expo which I missed out this year since I needed to study...she had over 4 scoops of ice cream/gelato, so jelly. Opted for 2 individual cakes from Zumbo :)
Citron tart-$6
Man vc coconut: coconut curd, sour cherry jam, coconut and tonk a bean sponge, coconut and maple syrup mousse-$9.50

The citron tart has been on Zumbo's menu ever since the beginning, so finally tried it. You get the first hit of acidity, then the sweetness comes in, and it was quite sweet. The base isn't too hard to cut through with a spoon, and not too buttery.


Yes, the cake prices have increased (but not as dramatically as N2 ice cream). Surprisingly, the coconut cake wasn't actually sweet. A good amount of coconut and not sugar, mousse only had a but of sweetness. Would have preferred more sour cherry flavour and tonk a bean flavour (so subtle I wasn't sure I was tasting it).

Grandpa is 91 today! He had a massive 90th birthday party which my mum went to last year in HK. Wish I could go HK to celebrate with fam...

Last day of the food expo-Mum's free food haul. Bringing back part of the free food which I didn't have time to try.

Dad's haul (yesss, duckkk)

Yay for free food! (but D= for making me fat)

my break next week is going to be even more busier than uni )):

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