Monday, September 28, 2015

Yesterday I said to myself, oh wow, the moon is so big and round. realised when I got back home it was Mid Autumn Festival. we don't celebrate it, and i don't really eat moon cakes either, but i do love my snowy/ice moon cakes, and was so happy when my mum remembered to buy some for me (without me even saying anything). they also watch Pan yday, and said it was pretty decent. 

chocolate pearls and pandan flavoured white bean paste-$6.80


apparently these were over $8 before. not sure which store, just some place in eastwood. first time having pandan flavoured one. it was super subtle, the lotus flavour was pretty dominant and sweet. loved the more modern infusion of those choc pearls, reminds me of oliver brown's hot chocs.

been sleeping at 2pm the past few days. going to sleep at 1am tmr (or later today). so much stuff to be done. also had uni today which was surprisingly useful (and also reminded me of all the things i don't know). 

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