Friday, September 4, 2015

End of week 6

Derpest day ever. Mini rant on one of my fb convos

The calm before the storm. continuous exams, assignments, presentations and group work all the way from now until mid sem break, then continuous after the break until finals

so started the day off with forgetting my badge. without it felt so out of place
then i had my tea, but even though it was 2 cups layered, and used my fingers to wrap around it, still kind of burnt my fingers
tips of fingers still red lel
then went to clinic visit
and waited and the other people got called up
but then there were no more px in the waiting room so i went back up to reception
turns out the 4th yr noticed the post it note, but was too engrossed in what she was doing and didn't realise i was supposed to sit in
what's worse was that we both knew each other

then i missed the whole history and half the symptoms ):
so just had to copy what was on her record card
which was pretty messy imo

and then i only had 2 pieces of scrap paper, so awkwardly gave in a torn 2/3 of a sheet to slide under junghans door
then she told me the direction of the tute room, but i was looking at the wrong turn, and awkwardly waited near the staff room, but luckily the tute was 1/2 hour late, so didn
didn't miss anything
oh, btw, there was a super high myope as her px, so i guess that's why she was flustered
-15 and -17D!
with -2.50/-3.50 cyl
so cray, pinhole not improve
best was 6/9 corrected
back of eye with high myope like, but ret still intact
yeah, px knew he was a pathological myope
never can see things clearly unsure emoticon
then had to rush to dinner since tute ran over time
and my nose started to bleed on the bus...and i only had one tissue...
but it stopped for a bit. think i wore too many layers today
not sure what path myope is actually lol...
then managed to catch an express train
but then i arrived at the station, and it's in the middle of renovations, and nothing like was it was like 6mths ago
walked out of the station and was like where are the opal things?
had to walk back up to the station, and go to the other side to tap off...then walk back down...really weird...
then found the dinner place and sat down
and then bam
nose was fulling bleeding. how awkward. so glad i don't have to see them again until end of september
then had to get ice and go bathroom. what was worse was out of all the days, i decided i wear a white blouse and not my normal black one..but the white one ended up blood free lol
then had to awkwardly explain that i was going to ask my mum to pick me up
but colleague offered to drive me home
well, luckily i didn't have to pay for dinner
manager paid, or maybe it was company money.
so i guess it ended on a good note
end of rant...
hence all the derp (normally i don't use that word, but today felt like it)

also, since no one turns up to our optm lec, they started marking the role last week, they need names, student numbers and signature. this week around half the cohort turned up. but she realised there were more names than actual faces, so she took a photo of the awks.

so, so, so screwed.

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