Saturday, September 12, 2015

Bondi Pizza (Take 3 and 4)

One of the things I love most about being a Bondi Pizza VIP is the free pizza! They actually send you decent deals/freebies, so everyone should just sign up, and it's free.

First time going to the Parramatta one, and it's actually quite big. There's a Macquarie Centre one opening soon, I was hoping to use my birthday voucher there, almost a month after my birthday, they still haven't opened it yet...

dinner time!

Marinated Chargrilled Lamb: Tender marinated lamb backstrap fillet, fetta, balsamic onions, roma tomatoes, rocket, sweet potato crisps & our creamy Caesar sauce 12" pizza-$25.95

Lamb was cooked/grilled to perfection. Still pink in the middle, soft and full of flavour. Didn't get much onions, and would have preferred more caesar sauce and potato crisps. I think since dinner service is busy, they just dumped a whole heap of rocket on it rather than spreading it all out, but I don't mind, feels like there's more rocket than normal, which has a nice bitterness to complement the savoury parts.

Succulent grilled chicken, baby spinach & creamy porcini mushroom sauce tossed through linguini served with crispy pancetta (bacon)-$23.95

Was slightly disappointed with the serving of this dish, seemed to be on the small side compared with other people's pasta dishes. The sauce wasn't overly creamy/rich, smelt really fragrant, and loved the pancetta crunch element. Pasta was cooked well, but some parts of the chicken was a tad bit dry.

loved how to food came in 10min after we ordered (the bill took longer than getting the food)

Lunch views at Bondi Junction

Smokey BBQ Pulled Pork: Smokey BBQ & tomato base, parsley, cheese, balsamic onions, pulled pork, finished with a drizzle of smokey BBQ sauce, coleslaw, coriander & a lemon wedge 12"pizza-$25.95

This was another one of there new flavours which VIPs can try for free! It's convenient to go after uni if I end not too late, and Bondi Junction has amazing views of Sydney Harbour. I always opt to sit inside since outside is always either too hot/windy/sunny. The lemon wedge did make you hands smell a bit like lemon...pork was slightly on the dry side but they may have changed it slightly since this was on the menu....but overall nice thin base and some salad on top to go with it :)

Bondi Pizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato       Bondi Pizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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