Sunday, July 13, 2014

too bad i'm not in sydney this week for Heston week on MC. wow, Ben has been to The Fat Duck twice! still have no idea what chance i'll get to have a place once it opens for 6 months...not sure if finals week is next week, but if it is, i won't be in sydney as well.

did you know, Ian Thorpe was one of my favourite athletes when i was younger? half the news is now talking about him...but i once received a postcard from him (well whoever manages his media stuff), since in yr2, i still remember the teacher telling us to write to an athlete we liked, and i got a postcard back (:

no wonder why people have accountants. even though i don't work a lot, i actually have lots of bits and pieces. ceebs...did you know, last week i got taxed $200. but i have to wait till end of last year's financial year to get that least the previous labor government had a higher tax threshold. those taxes withheld from me means i can afford to splurge a bit more later in the year (:

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