Thursday, July 3, 2014

Grill'd Take 3

ended up gong to rouse hill with my mum for free grill'd burgers. it's actually not that far away, around 20ish minutes, and it was my 2nd time going there. next time when it's not so cold waiting outside and we're not waiting for free food, i shall go there and walk around again.

i thought oh rouse hill, it's a hole, no one goes there.

nek minute, the line goes in a circle and snakes. so many parents with their kids, and they each have 3 or 4 kids or babies with them. 

the line moved at an ok speed, waited for about 1.5 hours, but grill'd is more worth compared to meatballs imo, even if the price isn't as expensive

free boost samples while waiting-cookies and cream and a strawberry something

the line behind me.

we got there at 5.45 and they opened at 6, so the people at the front probs got there at 4.30...either way, they still had to wait 1.5 hours.

service was lovely as usual, even if it's free and we didn't order any sides. decided to get really different ones, since i've had most of the usual avo, relish, salad, bacon, cheese, mayo toppings with lamb/chicken/beef. i think these ones took longer compared to other people since it's not the normal ones people would order. these ones probs aren't as "worth" as the other ones, but i like trying different ones when it's free (:

lamb: goats cheese and hummus, sweet chilli chicken

both were really nice. goats cheese not too creamy and heavy, balanced nicely with the salad and hummus. chicken was very lean, with a kick of chilli and so much salad. the burger/buns themselves have gone smaller. not sure if it's because it's free or things have just generally shrunk. compared to last year, my first grill'd experience initially i thought it wasn't very filling, but then by the time i left it was.

went shopping after back at towers, and yay, finally got a pair of shoes that i wanted/needed! they weren't that cheap, even if it was half price from myer. i know i've been saying i'm saving money, but some things need to be bought/eaten. this is my 4th piece of clothing/shoes this year, so i guess i haven't bought a lot which is good (:

when my uncle came over, he brought a whole luggage filled with clothes from my aunt. i've been so busy that i still haven't had time to look at the clothes after my exams. long story short, that aunt has decided to sell one of her houses in hk. there's 3 rooms in that house and 2 rooms plus the living room is filled with clothes, so she has to get rid of it before she can sell the house. luckily my uncle is a diamond member and can take heaps of suitcases from hk to aus, it's just whether he has time to come to sydney again/has the ability to juggle 4 suitcases. he can do 3 but not sure 4....and then for the clothes i don't want, hopefully i can join up with people to sell at markets, hehe.

supps come out tomorrow. so, so, so scared. have not had time to study since last thursday since i've been working. apparently someone "broke her back", coincidentally when kids are on school hols, the manager is on hols, and i'm on hols. hence, the state manager and others don't really believe her. that's the thing, i would rather not take time off during the exams, so i can maintain a "consistent attendance" even though work isn't like school/uni. if i do need to take time off, then it sounds better than taking time off on top of the other times you've missed...i don't mind working, it's just that if i do get a supp it's mixed feelings: i'm happy since i have a chance to redeem myself/super scared with oral theory tests/no time to study since i'll be out fri, sat and sun, and exam is probably next monday. or no supp-sad that i've failed completely.

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