Thursday, July 10, 2014

New News

something new is coming! Sweet Streets at Shangri-la by Anna Polyviou, Zumbo and others. it's on my birthday next month, and for $55 you get 10 tokens of desserts to use. i don't know if it's worth since it's the first "dessert street" thing in Sydney, and portions will probs be smaller. if they are normal portions, then you are getting a bargain, but is it possible to even eat 10 normal sized portions of desserts without consuming so much sugar? i secretly have a sweet tooth, but i'm not sure if anyone is willing to come with me to have so many desserts/have a high sweet tolerance. if i do go, then i won't have time to have cake at home, and i am yet to miss having cake on my birthday. yes, i do love cake for my birthday on my birthday. and i'm not sure if i should use that money for an expensive cake, or spend it on desserts...

masterchef is having a risotto competition! well, the first competition of its kind. i can't remember any other competition. too bad i've never cooked risotto before/can't cook so it doesn't help that risotto is the death dish. the other day my mum saw some risotto rice on special. not sure if she bought it, but she knows i want to try making risotto some day....thermomix can make pretty decent risotto's...but since i don't have one, i have no chance.

why are people so creative in zumbo's baking comps? i want to win, but as you probs all know, i'm am very uncreative ):

i wonder what it takes to become a world renowned food critic. if you've watched the latest ep of masterchef, you have to wonder how they can describe food so eloquently. it's like a descriptive story  with sophisticated words, not only in taste but in terms of presentation, which makes you want to eat it. i forgot that Matt Preston was the best food critic in the world in 2008, no wonder why Masterchef used him as a judge since the first yr of MC aus 2009. how do you even become a food critic in the first place? everything is subjective. like the good food guide has a team dedicated to eating in over 600 restaurants in sydney and its surrounds. if i was to be a food critic...i'll become so fat. and even if you don't look physically fat, the fat inside of you will hit you when you're older...

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  1. Dessert Street? I'm sure Dandelion would love to go and I would go too because it sounds fun!

    The first time I risotto was at the Year 12 formal, haha. I have never had it since, not that it was bad.