Friday, July 11, 2014

Mr Crackles

what are the chances? getting the exact same tests to administer as last time. different things to diagnose, and i realised i got some wrong after, but at least i finished within 15mins not over 20mins, and she didn't tell me to hurry up, and she actually smiled instead of glare. i just hope i pass, don't want to fail because of colour vision. quite sad i didn't get an optics supp, probs mean i failed ): some people say if you pass your supps, you pass the subject, but i don't think so =/ didn't get a supp for visn either, but apparently the supp was a lot harder, so mixed feelings...

finally the end of exams, but since i'm going away next week, not sure if will have reception to check results and then i'll be freaking out for the whole week to see if i past this sem...

finally made it to Mr Crackles! i pass it everyday going to uni, but never had the time to get off the bus to have it. 

classic crackles-$12

it's actually kind of a long story. most of the time i go for the most well known thing, and here it's their pork and their crackling (and lamb which i'll try another day..), so i decided to go for this roll. it's pork belly in a Vietnamese roll. they always try to upwell you: do you want chilli sauce? any chips? drinks? no, no and no since they obviously all cost extra. waited a bit for my roll even though i was the only one, but they had heaps of orders to do. got my roll after a bit in a paper bag. i was looking at it thinking how am i supposed to take a photo of this and eat it? then the guy called me back since he probs thought i was looking at it weirdly, but in reality he remembered the order said no chilli sauce, and gave me another one. he put it in a paper bag, but then i asked for a box since it's a lot more picture friendly and easier to eat with.

the crackling isn't melt in your mouth, but it's definitely ever so crunchy. maybe this lot was a tad bit under seasoned, but it was still very good, and refs better than what my mum makes haha. kind of regret not getting a cup of crackling, then again, it's so fattening for just one person to have...the roll/bread was a little bit tough to eat. it's actually filled with lot's of salad, well more carrots than other stuff (and i'm not supposed to have carrots...) i sat on the chair furthest away. there's only 8 seats, and the shop kinda slopes, so the table was super high and the seat which has the table not as high was dirty....anyways, it's really good pork (: about a quarter past 12 the whole shop was instantly packed. it's like everyone was on lunch break.

one scoop wonder: macadamia and white chocolate with salted caramel milkshake-$5.90

free shake from the original meatball company using a voucher from last time. i didn't expect to choose flavours, so i just asked whatever the person recommended and the person said most people ordered this. got here about 1.30ish and the shop was packed with paying customers! yes, i knew people were keen for free meatballs, but i didn't expect so many people to pay...i guess everyone just wants to try it. the shake was massive! bigger than boost original size. i was expecting a small sized drink like those small/medium gloria jeans size, but not this big! first drink ever not finishing (i think...). i wasn't completely full after the roll, but then this shake just made me full till past dinner. the drink is actually quite frustrating to drink, the straw should be bigger! you want the texture of the nuts, so you can't blend it too much, but then if you do, you lose the texture. spent so much time sucking up bits of nuts. it's actually kinda bland. i think since it's only 1 scoop of ice cream, while the other version has 2 scoops of ice cream in the same size. one time i had a very milky milk shake. this had subtle hints of macadamia, white choc, caramel, but the salt wasn't very prominent ): couldn't stomach all that milk since it's been so long being giving this large quantity of cows milk (which i'm not supposed to have...). yes, it'd surprise you my actual list of food i'm not supposed to the end i gave up on this drink because 1. too full 2. things kept getting stuck

from a few days ago (:

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