Wednesday, July 9, 2014

i think uni mid year 1 month holiday is technically only 2 weeks. you spend the first year worrying about the previous few weeks and wait until the end of the 1st week for the supps list. then you're either relieved that you passed or scared because you have failed everything, hence you aren't on the list. the 2nd week is the supps exams. 3rd week is when results are out, so then you can take a break. and 4th week i guess is to make sure you know what subjects to study next sem since if you've failed, then you have nothing to study, and will probs use that time to do some electives whilst you wait until next year sem 1 to repeat. then there are people on placements for 2 weeks. so technically holidays are only 2 weeks.

i think this year the guests chefs on master chef are less well known. they also cut back on masterclasses, and their end of week feasts. also, this year they didn't/haven't gone overseas. i remember the first year they went HK and went to a michelin star restaurant, hence the year after i went tree and it was superb and went again, and probs go again later this year. one year they went NYC and after some googling, searched up places they went and also will see if i can make it there later this year. another year they went to Dubai. a few domestic flights before as well, but this year they haven't gone anywhere. maybe qantas isn't one of their sponsors now since qantas is kinda broke...yet managed to purchase the syd entertainment centre....also, i still don't get why they demolished the sydney convention centre/exhibition halls. they were still functionable...what a waste of money...

anyways, even though they aren't going overseas, they still managed to purchase at least 3 thermomixes. they didn't appear early on in the show, only later. at $2k per machine, well $1939 to be  exact, (my mum went to a thermomix demo on the weekend, and i tried some food and it's so delicious!), i guess they're trying to save money on flights...but if i did have a thermomix, i guess it feels like i will be able to cook since you just chuck stuff in it and press of few buttons. master chef people use it and so do some other chefs. that ganache the other day from the thermomix is so luxurious. only problem with the machine is that when you whip eggwhites you can't see it since the lid is covering that's when those mixmasters come in handy

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  1. $1939!! D: They must be amazing - can't wait to own one in heaven :)