Sunday, July 6, 2014

1000-Church 25th Anniversary Dinner at Zilver

1000th post! 

it was our church's 25th anniversary today. the pastor who founded the church came back to explain a bit about the church's history. it's actually 30yo, but it's 25 since they changed it to the official name. it's nice to hear how it's changed.

this year was different since there was dinner, so the service started after lunch time, hence no need for refreshments. usually every year, the combined service would start before lunch, then people would bring in dishes as "refreshments", but people ate heaps as their lunch. also previous years we would buy cake or people would make a massive cake with fondant icing (i think i'm the only person who doesn't hate fondant), and cut into slices. this year was a lot simpler, there was one main cake for the pastors to cut into, but we had vanilla berry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and they were placed on tiers in rainbow colours. no photos either, ceebs.

another year of trilingual service. so hard to concentrate on what the pastor says, since by the time the 3rd language speaks, you kind of lose track...

my table was really last minute planned. when we were younger, dinners were always arranged by the parents, but now we arrange it ourselves, and if you don't have 12 people, well you don't have a table/can't go. so i didn't even know i was going until the week before...

i think i went to Zilver restaurant a long time ago for one of my dad's work dinners or something.

sorry, no pictures of food, it wasn't worth taking photos of. there were 7 dishes (not including soup/dessert etc) for $32, and we all said it's not worth it. food was pretty ordinary, and we weren't full. then again, my table had guys who can eat a lot...if i was to eat chinese in the city, i would rather go the The Eight or Marigold etc.

most of the restaurant booked out.

i guess the games/musical activities were to keep people entertained, but all we wanted was foood.

13 (:

i woke up at 12pm today, in preparation of staying up late to watch the finals. i've actually haven't been following wimbledon because of exams, and work...since exams ended last thursday, i have yet to spend 1 day at home. after this match of tennis, i need to start studying so i won't have to repeat all 3 strands, only 2 next year...there was definitely over 50 different numbers on the supps list for 2nd year, i can say confidently that 2nd year is the hardest.

wimbledon championships are so beautiful (:


  1. Yay for your church! 25 years is great!! Also, any service in a different language, I get probably understand a couple of phrases but not much more :(

  2. And congratulations on your 1000th post :D