Tuesday, July 1, 2014

How to Train Your Dragon 2, Original Meatball Company, Mamak, Meet Fresh

first off, thanks Connie for waiting in line for/with me! sorry i wasted your time...

i originally wasn't going to go to get free meatballs, but since we were going to watch a movie i thought why not. should've listened to my mum and woke up earlier to get them, did not realise people were so keen...they were supposed to have an app for you to download to get free food, but that never got released, and their servers to rego online also crashed...

The Yankee: Beef balls w/american mustard,ketchup, cheddar cheese, sweet pickles, onion, shredded iceberg lettuce, served on soft brioche with fries and water-$16.80

overall it's alright, but tbh, it wasn't really worth the almost 1.5 hour wait, and they only gave you 3 choices. i think the line was super long because they take a while to make, unlike for burritos, they churn them out heaps quick. the meatballs are lean but there's too much sauce which is a bit too overpowering and makes it a bit messy to eat. it's actually pretty small, not sure if it's because it's free. fries were ok, a tad bit better than macca's since it had a tad a rosemary. the brioche bun wasn't as buttery as snag and stand (which i guess makes it a tad healthier...) i would not pay full price for this. i guess the free cookies and cream drink voucher makes the whole waiting in line more worth.

how to train your dragon 2 was good (: it was ngaww, and awww. event cinemas has totally changed their point system. for non-full priced tickets you get 50 or 35 points compared to full priced 100 points. now it's 6 movies 1 free ticket, but since i haven't bought a full priced ticket in years, it'll take me longer to reach the points needed. i used to be able to get 100 points with $8. now it's about $16 student price to get 100 points.

finally went to Mamak! i understand what people say, it's ok but not super good. it's rated 13.5/20 in good food guide 2014. i forgot to mention, my mum managed to pick up a free copy at the show the other day (: it's nice to flick through to see how their reviewers think of the restaurant before you go to it, without the use of internet, and i think it's pretty reliable, since it's them who gives out chefs hats etc. i think has ok prices for their serving size since it's in the city. but yes, still over priced compared to overseas...it has flavour, but i think the food lacks depth...idk, hardly eat malay. the last time was over at my neighbours house, and they're stuff was so spicy. better off asking Happy Apple how it compared to authentic Malay food

iced milk tea-$4

not really sweet, some tea flavour. the size is a bit small. i think i would prefer the thai milk tea.

roti canai-$5.50, servings of rice-$3, mee goreng-$12

roti was good, i liked watching them making it outside. i could stand the spiciness of the curries. the mer goring was alright, but i felt it didn't have enough stuff in it...asked for non chilli, hehe


lately i've been liking food which comes in a stack. the salad was really nice with a not spicy peanut sauce (even though it says spicy on the menu). the crispy fritters gave it a nice crunchy texture.
beef satays, 12 for $16

yes, it's expensive. the sauce is flavourful, but i think the beef may be slightly over cooked.

we actually didn't have correct numbers when we got seated...and one of the waiters told us off for having someone come in later...well we ended up giving quite a lot of tips...the food came quite quickly, which was a plus. we finished dinner before 8, and there was still a massive line outside. i think i'll try the sweet roti next time.

meet fresh for dessert. haven't had this in over a year. how do i remember? because i don't have a photo on it on my phone.

ate so much food i'm not supposed to eat the past few days. time to start restricting myself again.

i should really start studying again tomorrow.

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  1. Maybe your spice tolerance is increasing? :D You could train to increase your spice tolerance threshold, haha.