Friday, July 4, 2014

goodbye beautiful yr2 sem 2 timetable. hello no classes next sem ):

supps came out, and i died (again). i have been dreading today for over a week now. didn't get any theory supps, which i especially needed for optics since i failed mid sem, so they probs decided not to give me another chance in finals. optics supps list was the longest, and i kind of stalked people, and all those who got supps for optics, i know they are all smarter than me. hence. i know i've failed one strand and the whole subject. got a supp for colour vision prac, the one which i completely blanked at out and the examiner was glaring at me, so even if i do pass that prac, i still fail the subject since i failed another strand. the only positive is not repeating all 3 strands, i'll just repeat supp for visn, the 2nd most worried about, and forgot all i needed in the exam. the supp list for this was super long as well. to give you an idea, 30/110, so about 30% of people were close to passing (i.e. over 50%), but there are still some people who are not within the threshold of just passing (i.e. me) so they don't give you supps at all. so, so, so sad. this was the subject that i really don't want to go through and repeat.

to give you an idea, our year during 1st yr uni sem 1 had 8 people sitting supps, this year only 4 people in 1st year. so i am sure they put a lot more effort teaching the first year this year, and hence those lectures who teach us 1/3 of the strand for optics didn't care much about us.

now i have to face the wrath of the examiners glare again next week.

as i said before it will take a miracle to pass. but nothing can be done if i've already failed and they will not let me try to redeem myself. some people got 3 supps-so lucky...

so lovely going to Joanna's house and meeting with some of you again. still fail at making nice vietnamese rolls, but at least they were delicious. i probably ate wayyy too much in one sitting. continuously eating for 2 hours...haven't ate that much in a idea how people stay so skinny whilst going out to eat all the time. at least tonight was just relaxing and fun to take my mind off from all this optom failure. as always, 2nd year supp list is the longest-5 out of 10 pages of people. i just don't want to be the only one repeating.