Sunday, July 29, 2018

Yayoi Garden

Decided to come here before my Dimmi Voucher expires, and before I'm out of Sydney for the last half of the year. This Yayoi is more expensive compared to the other ones since it's at Circular Quay, and at lunch time, you see all these office people have 'meetings.' Like how do you actually have meetings when you have food in front of you, and your laptops are closed, and paper put away...Idk how corporate meetings work cause I'm not in that field.

Yayoi Gozen-$33 (Dimmi $20 off)

Back row: seaweed salad, tuna sushi, salmon sashimi
Middle: tonkatsu, beef, veggies
Front: rice, jellyfish, miso soup

2 pieces of tonkatsu

beef and some veggies

It's cute how everything is in little portions on nice plates and in their own compartments. The portions I think were pretty small, if only they gave a bit more of everything. Like other sets with only tonkatsu or beef had a lot bigger portions. They were nice but not amazing. Like I've had much better tonkatsu elsewhere. If you guys go Tokyo, there are some nice hidden family run places opened for heaps of years. Sashimi was fresh and the sauce accompanied it was nice but it was tiny. Miso soup wasn't too salty. I guess this is good for trying bit of everything but I wouldn't pay full price for it. They did see I booked under Dimmi so didn't have to remind them and they automatically took the money off. Quite a lot of other tables also used a Dimmi voucher.

YAYOI Garden Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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