Sunday, July 8, 2018

Sunflower Taiwanese Gourmet

This is one of BW's fav places for cheap eats, and it is indeed a good place to go just to chat, with clean tables, friendly staff, and cheap Taiwanese food (for Sydney standards, obviously not as cheap as Taiwan). 

food spread

pearl milk tea-~$5

Added it as part of a meal for around $3. It's a massive serving, around 750ml-1L. It's not really sweet and can taste the tea flavour in it. Pearls were nice and chewy.

Taiwanese beef brisket noodle soup-$11.20

A nice serving of noodles, and decent chunks of beef. The soup wasn't too salty, and could taste the beef flavour in it. I would've preferred slightly thicker noodles like I had last yr at some famous beef noodle place. It's still pretty good for the price you pay.

Taiwanese Cha Jiang Noodle with minced pork-$9.70

This is relatively less flavourful compared to the beef noodles, and probably a healthier option. The mince wasn't too fatty, and decent amount of veggies as well. I'm not a massive fan of those asian style tea eggs, but it tasted like what it's supposed to be (I'm a poached egg cafe girl lol).

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  1. Your blog entry makes me want to go back there! Lots of warm and happy memories with family, friends, and of course, you! =)

  2. Pearl milk tea <3 My Taiwanese friends from the conference said they missed their milk tea a lot while we were in Malaysia.