Saturday, July 7, 2018

Rotation 2 Wk 1

The dreaded rotation. Last yr they had 3 rotations, weighted 0, 30 then 70%. This time we have 2, and second rotation is weighted 100%, SO EVERY SINGLE FAIL COUNTS. I feel that my mood is affected by what clinic marks I get. It's just so stressful every time trying to actually help the patient, finding the supervisor/drops, meet a quotas, finish on time and not get an unsatisfactory for the tiniest things you do wrong, and not getting so many unsats that you exceeded the maximum number of unsats. In between, trying to study for upcoming exams, studying for all the different clinics and trying to plan over seas stuff. So glad I don't have research this year. I don't think my clinic skills are bad, more so just some tiny unsats reflects your marks, which is considered 'fail.' Hard to explain. Sort of didn't survive week 1. Only will get busier from here on in.

Every sem I used to have a fav day ie the day I end early. This time, probs worst day is Thursday with 8pm finishes, always running for buses because #hillslyf, then back at uni at 8.30am next day. After placements in Melbs/Hobart and living close to placement about 15-30min walk, whilst making my own food almost every day, there's actually so much more time to study if you live close to uni. May be excuses, but a 2hr one way bus trip really cuts into 4 hr study time, when you could've gotten min extra 2hrs to study if you lived close to uni (30min return walk from campus, 1.5hrs to cook/clean which is plenty for one person). So yeah, sresss. I dunno how I survived/not survived 1st to 4th yr with even more contact hours, sometimes 30hrs/wk...I guess back then the traffic wasn't so bad, esp the stupid light rail blocking up the whole street, and moved my bus stop 10mins further than where it used to be, hence won't make the 6:28 bus is i finished at 6 and need to wait extra 20mins, rather than back in 1st yr bus transitions were smoother and could make the 6:28 in time. But no money to move closer to uni so I'll end the mini rant here.

Ended getting free lipsticks from Mecca Maxima/Cosmetica (still don't really know the difference from Bondi Junction because sometimes, some freebies are worth getting/not cut into your time so much. Thanks BW for tagging along hehe.

Although they were all the same shade, but at $28 per lipstick and only about 10min waiting time, this is worth a lot more compared to my hourly wage lol. Ironic cause I don't really use make up, but freee. Line was so much shorter compared to the free MAC day last year.

I don't think I'll ever have time getting round to doing food posts for places I ate after April this year...guess it's just a hobby and should start my reports rather than procrastinating here. Going to try really hard to not eat out so much in Sydney...

Finally updated my laptop to High Sierra, since on Monday it said I needed to service battery and it was draining out really fast. Also my laptop stopped automatically connecting to my home wifi for almost a year. I should've updated sooner to solve the problems, but better late than never.

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  1. This sounds so stressful!!!

    But I'm glad you got some free quality cosmetics, that sounds like lots of fun!