Saturday, August 4, 2018

Betty's Burger and Concrete Co.

A quick dinner walking past this side of Sydney. It has a nice retro diner decor feel.

food spread

Betty's classic: angus beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, Betty's special sauce-$10

I thought the burger was pretty average. The special sauce just tasted like another standard burger sauce, really didn't see what the difference was. The beef was on the lean side so not too fatty, and the bread was nice and soft.

Frozen vanilla custard ($6)+meringue, new york cheesecake, raspeberry, Persian fairy floss)-$4


The frozen custard was nice, but my fav is still Shake Shack. This wasn't too sweet, but melted a bit too quickly for winter. It wasn't super creamy or milky. It was expensive for $1 a topping. Should've gotten less toppings since the cup overflowed. The raspberry sauce gave it a nice acidity, and the persian fairy floss didn't taste like much and not too sweet but liked how it gave ti some height. There were only 3 pieces of cheesecake in it though. The meringue added a nice texture. It look pretty but wasn't worth $10 imo.

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