Wednesday, July 4, 2018


I’ve been wanting to come here for a while since I saw their mont blanc cake dressed like a Christmas. Came here for breakfast even though their selection for brekkie isn’t really amazing, and most of the stuff was just toast. Wanted to try some stuff which is only available during lunch time, so may be back. However, there were so many flies during our meal, had to cover the dishes with some extra plates. At one point a fly flew into the soup, normally I won’t drink it but I still love trying stuff  so had a small sip. Half the time we were there trying to swat flies away. 

food spread

The ice purple potato latte ($9) could have had a stronger sweet potato flavour. The colour was vibrant but the flavour wasn't, and it was more on the watery side. Would have liked it a bit thicker/milkier. The hojicha latte ($6.50) had a nice bitterness to it, but I felt like the roasted flavour of the tea could have come out a bit more.

Japanese breakfast set: steamed rice, pork belly, miso soup, small size dishes (tofu), soft boiled egg


The Japanese set is cute with it’s individual dishes, just like how they would do it in Japan. Whenever something like this comes up, I always think of how many plates they have to wash after just one meal. Guess that’s why they have industrial dishwashers…The food wasn’t amazing (maybe I’ve been too spoilt with so much authentic and delicious food from Tokyo last year). The pork belly was moist and flavourful which went well with the plain rice. 


mont blanc -$9

Mont blanc was average, and I don't think it's worth the $9. Didn't really have much chestnut flavour, and had a bit too much cream for my liking, which is ok if it had flavour but it didn't. It was just lacking in general compared to other mont blancs I have (Angelina mont blancs are still my fav).

strawberry shortcake-$8

This cake wasn't that amazing either, if I tried this without knowing the price, I would've just pair $4 for it. The sponge is light, but at the bottom the moisture from the cream already made the sponge slightly wet and not light. The cream was average as well, not too sweet but could be lighter in texture.

beef onigiri-$5


This onigiri is pretty much average compared to other onigiris I've had from takeaway sushi shops. Sometimes you see stuff online and people are paid to advertise them, but on this blog is just honest opinions, and this was pretty average. Could have more beef, or beef with something extra inside to not make it so monotone. 

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