Monday, July 16, 2018

PaletTé and Gong Cha

There seems to be a lot of new milk tea places popping up, and some trying to be more different than others. I love the whole sort of pastel coloured themed with and modern decor and lighting, plus a flower wall at the back, most likely for all those Insta foodies out there (yes, I'm guilty of this lol).

Strawberry and watermelon cheese foam fruit tea-$7.50 


It's pretty pricey for a drink, since it's essentially watermelon juice, plus blended strawberries and watermelon. I couldn't really taste what sort of tea this was, was there even any tea? Just tasted liked a more watery smoothie. I chose this since I wanted to try the cheese foam, since I can't make that at home. It's got an interesting saltiness which cuts through the sweetness from the watermelon, and makes the drink a little bit creamy. It's definitely an acquired taste like sea salt ice cream.

Other teas in pretty see through bottles

Brûlée Pearl Milk Tea (large)-$6.50

Maybe if I drink this I won't fail... (failing is the story of my life...) I thought the yellow stuff was jelly but it's like a custard flavoured cream. It was quite rich if you ate it by itself, and had a slight salty taste to it. The salt helps to cut back the sweetness ( opted for 20% sugar), but I think it tasted a bit odd. Didn't really taste any brûlée flavour, guess they were trying to use cream for the custard flavour? The cream helped thicken up the milk tea as I found this didn't have enough milk powder (do they even use real milk?) Pearls could be a bit chewier. 

I feel like all these milk tea place popping up are similar/owned by the same guy. I think they do save on packaging with this cup + lid style plus sticker for brand since they don't need the machine to make seal the plastic lids like in other places. I like how the 'layers' are more 'abstract' here when looking through the cup.


Buy one get one free
L: Gong Cha signature tea-milk foam green tea (regular) -$5.80
R:Earl grey milk tea with 3Js (pearls, pudding jelly, grass jelly)-$6.40

Coincidentally walked past this Gong Cha at Steam Mill Lane since they were opening. I only drink this stuff if it's discounted/free. Lately there's been a lot of milk tea places opening up, and I conveniently walking past to get a freebie. The green tea one did have a nice hit of tea, and luckily I did opt for little sugar, since even with it, it was still bit bitter. The milk foam made it a bit creamy, and a tiny bit salty, but not like the cheese foam in the other drink.

I really love pearls (even though apparently it's carcinogenic), and the different jellies in drinks. Opted for no sugar in the earl grey. It just tasted like milk tea, and couldn't taste that distinct early grey flavour. I guess I do like my earl grey bitter which was masked by the milk and toppings.

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  1. There are so many new tea things! It's a shame the majority of them use a premix tea and so you can't get a completely sugar-free order.

    I do remember trying cheese foam in Malaysia and it was pretty delicious :)