Friday, July 13, 2018

Rotation 2 Week 2

I think for now I'll just do weekly updates (inb4 no more updates until after Preceptorship in Sept lol). The older I get, the more I understand #TGIF. Until next year where weekends won't exist.

Thanks to BW for getting me my own domain: and the .au version hehe.
One day I'll make this blog fancy, if I ever bother uploading all the stuff I ate, since the food posts to come are all from the first half of the year...Or if I learn how to use my camera first rather than just using an iPhone...

So far 6 PC patients in 2 weeks. Saw 4 patients across 3 clinics yesterday. So tired. Well, not physically, and it wasn't too mentally draining (more confused about kids...), but my poor throat. Only had a 600mL bottle from 6:45am till 6.30pm when I FINALLY had time to fill up my bottle. Throat was so, so sore, and could feel the pain from 3pm onwards. Normally in 12 hours, I would've had at least 1.5L of water, so dehydrated. Also had 10min for lunch which I scoffed down my sandwich, but better than no lunch. Dreading week 5 Thursday since I have 9-8pm WITH NO BREAK AND AN ORAL EXAM. Back to back clinic so literally no time to eat lunch, or dinner cause of night clinics, and no time to even get water, plus at night we have an spoken exam, so throat is literally going to croak. There's another group the week before who also at 9-8, but at least they don't have an exam that week. I will rant to everyone about this because I feel like it's illegal, but optom makes everything legal with their own rules (and their rigged marking systems #stillabitsalty).

Speaking of the exam, I am super duper screwed. Can't finish my reports fast enough. Getting home at around 10pm, then next morning waking at 6:15 is pretty draining. Thank goodness Tuesday is my no patient day to recover, and today was only totes so also no patients and can save my throat. I dunno if my sore throat is from yday or I'm actually getting sick. Can NOT afford to be sick during internals (or overseas, or this year or when I'm working etc). I guess that's why a reason for people to drive is to avoid all the sickness floating around in public transport, since it's such a confined space.

Domestic airlines within the US are so sneaky, since linear luggage size means it's a medium sized luggage. Someone else is like me with 2 large and 1 small carry on suitcase. Ended up getting a medium suitcase, and found one we bought last year. Thank goodness I have friends who read fine print, cause I don't. All those 'agree and sign here form' yep, never read them. I feel like the only time I'll ever read those forms is if I purchase either property or an optometry practice (both highly unlikely LOL).

Also admist my break from writing up my logs, purchased the one and only overpriced hair dryer. Can't wait for it to come to try it out. Normally I would've gone in store to try but who has the time? Word of mouth is good enough for me. Sucks to have really thin and bad quality hair.

I must admit, when the Apple Watch first came out I was quite skeptical. Like, do you even need a smart watch? People did fine before the days of wearable electronics. Then BW 'lent' me his one, and although I don't use all the features, TripView is by far my fav to use. I have this worry of dropping my phone when it's in my hands, esp when I'm walking (so I can use maps whilst walking but not walk and text). So when running for buses, it's good to see how many minutes I have left on my watch, rather than looking at my phone...The timer is used during paeds clinic as well. Haven't really discovered the other functions. Heart rate doesn't show you from the watch screen, since you have to tap the heart so not as handy as fit bit lol, I like how the watch face adjusts to brightness in diff lighting. I know you can set that on laptop and phone, but I like to keep it a constant light, whereas for watch it feels more natural when it adjusts to surrounding light...I guess I still use my other watches on the weekend, or if I go out for shorter parts of a day...

I guess the contact hours isn't as bad compared to the next 2 rotations since those are full 8-12hour working days. Just need to power on with these reports and start memorising all these contact lenses...

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  1. Oh my goodness, FEELS, when you talk so much and your throat is dying. I considered getting anaesthetic throat lozenges to get through these sessions.