Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Hiroba and The Smelly Cheesecake

This place is conveniently located next to the station. It's a Korean run Japanese restaurant, and has a mix of Jap and Korean food, so was glad when they had sides.

Sashimi and udon-$16

It is pricey for what you get since it's a bowl of udon and some raw salmon. Fish was fresh thankfully, since sometimes small shops sashimi might not be as fresh, which is a problem if you ate not super fresh raw fish. Udon soup was well seasoned without being salty and always reaching for water.


Vegetable Tempura (large)-$15.50

It could've had a lighter and crispier batter, but it was decent and had different veggies. Thought the large size would've been bigger though.

Agedashi Tofu (medium)-$13.50

This had a nice firm skin on the outside, and the sauce with it wasn't too salty.


Been here a few times. Didn't get the individual prices. I've had the matcha souffle and the blue cheese cheesecake before, so opted for other flavours this time.

Parmesan cheesecake

Nice and light cheesecake with a good amount of cheese and not too overpowering. It had a tiny bit of sweetness which worked. This one was our favourite.

Camembert cheesecake

Super dense cheesecake, and had a nice cheesy and slightly salty flavour. Good to share since probs way too hard to eat by yourself.

Mixed berry cheesecake 

I liked how it had seperate layers in this, and it was quite light. It wasn't sweet compared to your average cheesecake, but in comparison to the other 2, it was sweet. Would've liked more acidity from the berry flavour.

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  2. Cheesecakes are my favourite <3 Sadly haven't tried these ones yet, but the texture looks great!