Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Ed Sheeran Divide

Attended my third concert with last minute tickets, literally got them 2 hours before I left the house. When a friend is on placement and she knows you wouldn't really go to these unless it's last minute/slightly cheaper. They were general admission rear standing, so it's not as crazy as front standing/moshpit, but standing does mean standing for at least 3 hours. If I could choose, I wouldn't do standing again since it does get tiring, and subtly try to push to the front. Ended up being 5 rows from the front of the rear standing. You could still see him a bit bigger than if you were seated high up or far back, but so many tall people in front of me, so you had to shift around to sort of look through the gaps of all the tall people. It was super crowded since there were like 2 other concerts plus one sports game one, plus the 78 000 at ANZ stadium. Opening acts included Ryan McMullan and Missy Higgins (only recognised one of her songs, which was really old school)...


Simple stage set up, no stage transformations. Just used the 5 screens branching up with the lights around the speakers, and of course matched whatever he was singing in colour and timing, and the theme of the song.

Was here just over one year ago


The music wasn't really that loud, and personally I think his vocals live weren't as impressive as Adele or Taylor Swift. It's literally just him on stage with his guitar, no back up singers or dancers or costume changes. Whereas Adele had some backup singers, and some dancers, and Taylor Swift is super talented dancing while singing since you can easily loose your breath, and different outfit every few songs. Ed Sheeran has less people to pay for, and he did 3 stadium concerts in Sydney, so he would rake in more money compared to the other 2 artists I've seen.

I like the songs in Divide, because it seems like there are more ballads/more meaningful songs (amongst the heartbreak songs lol). Since it's acoustic, people weren't too crazy and not too many fan girls. I don't really get the whole loop sound system thing, since people screaming from the top half of the stadium is always a fractioned delayed, so I guess people thought he had a back up sound track. I think it's something to do with him singing and then the stuff needs to take time to be moved through all the wires into the bigger speaker near the top.

I sometimes wonder how parents can afford to take the whole family to see a concert. Like one ticket isn't cheap, for a family it'll be one half to almost your whole week's of income, unless you earn above the average salary. I didn't go to my first proper concert until I was 21 and even then it was a discounted ticket. Before that were all these free mini concerts/dance concerts.

around 7.30 not completely full yet

The A Team

I think the phone with lights is most impressive in ANZ Stadium because it's just so big and immense.


Galway Girl


The main reason I wanted to see him was just to hear this song live. Let's be honest, most people fav song is Perfect from this album. I haven't been to a wedding reception before, but on my social media, I've seen at least 5 couples use that song as a first dance song. It is a pretty cute song. 

Thinking Out Loud

I like the cute graphics 

Shape of you 

I like the trees/branches look sort of growing up the screen.

Exiting the concert was so bad, cause everything pretty much finished at the same time. Took like 15mins getting stuck in this bottle neck where people are trying to go in opposite directions. Managed to get a seat on the bus since feet were quite tired. I think I can walk for hours and hours, but standing for hours does get to me. It was still an enjoyable night hearing Ed Sheeran live.

Set List:
Castle on the Hill
The A Team 
Don't/New Man
I'm a Mess 
How Would You Feel (Paean)
Galway Girl
Feeling Good/I See Fire 
Nancy Mulligan 
Thinking Out Loud 
Shape of You
You Need Me, I Don't Need You

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