Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Duck In Duck Out

If you didn’t know by now, Duck is one of my favourite proteins, and I didn’t even realise a permanent store which is also promoted by Manu from MKR opened in World Square until I walked past. It’s fast food but a bit fancier, and hence cost more than your average burger and fries. They have mostly outdoor seating, or bench stools inside. It is quite windy sitting outside.

food spread

Quack Daddy: crispy confit duck, celeriac remoulade, red onion jam, pickles, rocket, harissa aioli-$14


The burger had a decent amount of duck in it, and could taste the duck flavour in it as the toppings/sauces didn’t drown out the flavour of the meat. The duck also wasn’t too fattening. The aioli gave a very mild spicy kick to it, and the jam helped compliment the burger with some sweetness.

Duck dog: duck sausage, fried shallots and other stuff-$12

First time having a duck sausage hot dog. This was a special for the week and forgot what other ingredients it had. I think if I used my imagination I could taste the duck in the sausage, but really it just tasted like a mix of beef and chicken. Sausages are normally a mince mixture anyway, so hard to distinguish the duck flavour. I like the fried shallots as it gave it a slight crunch. 

Ducking loaded fries: crispy confit duck, harissa aioli, spring onion-$12

The chips were cooked well with a nice crunch, but I would have liked a bit more potato inside. Loved the bits of duck and sauce which topped the fries. I didn’t think it needed the additional salt on the fries itself.


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  1. Oh wow! A whole restaurant dedicated to duck! I've only ever known it as the BBQ from the Asian stores or boiled in soup. And when it's boiled from home, it's kind of tough. This looks nice though!