Wednesday, March 28, 2018

End of an era  stage of life (?) today. Gym membership finished today after over a year, since when I pushed it back a month for when I went overseas. I think in total, there was around 6ish weeks where I didn't go, either too busy with uni, sick or didn't have time, which is a decent chunk of money thrown away. Even when I did go esp towards sem 2 when I had classes, only just managed one class a week if I was lucky. Paying premium price to go to a place which is clean and has classes. Stuff like gym includes buying new clothes/yoga mat/shoes etc, then probs won't use those stuff ever again. Reminds me of all the swimming and dance gear I still own but haven't used in ages. Are they supposed to send me reminders that my membership has expired...? I hope they don't keep deducting payments cause that'll be really screwed.

It doesn't help that my gym is/was a 20min drive from me, through a road which is upgrading to multiple lanes, so construction all the time for the past year. Pretty much spend an hour each time just for transport. They have almost finished expanding it from 2 lanes to 4+ lanes with more room for bus stops. They should've just built a wider road ages ago to help those people further in the north west. It's also like they should've made the tunnels ok for the new trains between Epping and Chatswood when they started making it, rather than closing it and remaking stuff....

I think I'll still miss the classes, since without them, I'm back to being a couch potato. I can't do my own thing at the gym because it requires too much brain power and I won't push myself as much, whereas copying someone is a lot easier to do. Shoutout to Tracy for introducing me to it. Never new over a year ago I would actually join s gym lol. Maybe one day I'll do a list of things to do if you fail, but gyming is is a very good time waster yet productive at the same time. I understand why people go on runs sometime to de stress, just exercising or just simple yoga does help clear the mind, even if it's just the tiniest bit away from the constant mind talk inside your head.

I've been waking up with a headache for the past few days, and I never get them. My initial thought was ok, maybe I am getting a brain tumour, but my visual fields are still full and no sudden onset of double vision or vision loss...It's just this dull, persistent headache...My eyes have also been screwed the past few days, but that's just more contact lenses related, it could be giving me the h/a, but there have been times I haven't worth the CL but haven't felt this h/achy...

I've taken way too long to do some of my reports. Can't believe tomorrow is the last day of rotation 2, then 3 week holiday  study session.


  1. I miss going to the gym 6 times a week, Japan leaves much to be desired. Instead now it's just four 1.5 hour workouts a week and nightly walking but damn it's tiring after work

  2. Man, a 20 minute drive to the gym is dedication.