Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Study vs work vs housework

I think I may have said this before, but I figured I can only do two of these things: work and study, or study and housework, or work and housework, but can't seem to do all three. Even seeing Mums who don't work at all and just at home being a 'full time Mum' there's still a lot to do. Then there are those Mums who also work outside the house and then also comes back to help out the fam. I feel like maybe after uni where there's minimal study, I can work + do housework and make food for myself etc, but at the moment it just seems impossible to find the time. 

For those who saw my snap of our freezer, yeah, I am pretty lucky to have meal preps from Mum. I haven't taken her making me a hot brekkie in the morning, packing salad sandwiches and thinking of what to make/coming home to cooked dinner after a 8-6 day or 9-5 day for granted, so always grateful for what she does. Even though fam gone for 1-2wks, trying to eat healthy at home/saving money (ironically splurging money on food outside). Shoutout to BW for coming over to help cook for me and help around the house even though you're also super busy. Recently also feel like sometimes I'm just so, so unlucky with my timings etc. I know there are people who have more struggles than I do, yet if I compare myself to people who have graduated from my course/employed, they seemed to have it so easy...I have to keep reminding myself to be grateful for what I have, although it's still hard to be. 

Having the whole house without the fam for about a week is pretty good, not gonna lie. All the peace and quietness without nagging anyone or others telling me stuff is quite nice. I've always dreamed of moving to a bigger house ever since I was small, like I've really only ever lived in half a house. Even now, if one person was to live here it's quite big. I think for our generation most people would move into apartments, unless they get a load of money from their parents. I think I hoard too much stuff so apartments won't fit my stuff, but if I don't hoard anything in the future, I think a small apartment for one or two people is quite sufficient. When your working the last thing you want to come home to is cleaning, so I guess a smaller place really minimises all the housework you need to do and focus your time on other stuff.

Missing last weekend to Connie's bday brunch. I love catchups with friends. It did sort of seem like a small high school reunion with other hs people I haven't seen in ages. Maybe do a food post up later if I ever get around to it.

epic homemade cake

who doesn't love flowers as deco?

that buttercream work is amazing


Can't go wrong with a woolies sponge cake. Love how you can see the distinct layers in the cake. 

I've been feeling very unproductive recently, like my motivation to study has decreased dramatically. I feel like it's decreased since 4th yr 2016. Maybe it's just a sign of getting old. This year has gone by pretty quickly, how is it already mid march? It hit me the other day that in less than 5 months I'm another yr older. No longer early twenties...There are days where I just don't want to grow up, yet other days I'm like I can't wait to get out of uni and 'progress' with my life #fwp

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  1. Man, yeah, that balance is a tricky one. Maybe it'll be trial and error?

    And I also used Woolies' sponge cakes for my 21st cake!