Friday, March 11, 2016

survived three 8am lectures and 9am starts! (despite being late to 2 of them). on wednesday it took me 2.5 hours to get to uni because of that accident which occurred before 6am. leaving before 7 i thought it would clear up by the time i got there. the accident did clear, but not the traffic. first 8am i was so surprised to see the lecture room pretty full. 2nd one half the class turned up. today, about 1/6 lol. i do appreciate doctors giving up their time to come lecture then go to work, but sorry, skipping is way more efficient...

i think i should start skipping lectures next week. can't deal with 6 hour straight break. 6 hour's split into 4 and 2 is a bit better. 5 hours break turns out to be half productive, but no 6. lucky i don't have 8 hours straight break

4th yr kinda feels like 1st yr again. no one from my group is in my allocated group, so all alone, which makes pair/group work more annoying, but i guess just need to deal with it. groups remain the same throughout the whole year.

i have a feeling some supervisors will make me cry internally when we see real patients next week, but harsh criticism is good (which I severely lacked today since the supervisor was too nice)

i am super impressed with this battery on this laptop. been using it since 7am and now it's midnight, and i've been watching videos, normal screen brightness etc and still have over 2 hours remaining (used it for at least 10 hours today)

definitely procrastinating too much...

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  1. Yeah! Sometimes I think I should maybe skip some 8:00am starts but I feel too guilty haha. In reality though, you gotta know what's actually more worth it for you and it sounds like you know your work habits pretty well.