Monday, March 7, 2016

if i didn't mention already, this semester wins at the longest breaks. 6 hours today (5 hours straight), 6 hours tomorrow, 4 hours wednesday. sorry, can i can't help to mention the dreaded 10pm finish. well 9.30pm they say, but since when did optima clinics run on time?

why do we have such massive breaks? well during those time a group is a the clinic testing on patients, so no lectures can be held during that time, and a eye exam from seeing the patient until the end and after the tute takes well over 3 hours. factor in lunch breaks and what not, i wait for 5 hours until the next lecture. when i have clinic, other people don't have lectures so they just go to other prac classes/go home. the only good thing is that we rotate timetables 3 times in the year, so you get to experience other people's timetables. like the people who had monday night clinic, but still have to arrive at uni 8am tmr morning....that will be me at the end of the year =/

i do plan to go on food adventures and 'utilise' my time at uni because once work life hits, ain't nobody got time for cafe hopping (and food blogging lol) BUT 1. food makes me fat 2. waste of money 3. i should be studying since going home=shower, dinner, sleep. so tempting to just go catch a 10/15min bus ride for a burger...

I think i'm getting used to this 30+deg weather (as long as it doesn't become humid)

we also have a quiz due before 8am tmr, but it's not even released, and I have to sleep in 10min...yolo

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  1. People go out for food during our breaks all the time! You definitely should :) Gotta enjoy life!