Monday, March 14, 2016

how anti-climatic, was expecting to se my first real patient today, but got put on dispensing i.e. choose and fit glasses for people. also have one less patient in this rotation, which means one less patient to practice on ):

need to stock up on food in my locker...cannot get through 6am breakfast then lunch at 1pm then dinner at 7.30 with no snacks (well I snacked on some lollies today since us Peer Mentors helped conduct "The Eyemazing Race' for first years which turned out to be ok).

now it averages 2 hours if i'm lucky to get from uni back home. traffic so cray. in the morning if it's good then 1.5 hours. so far it's been taking me over 2 hours to get back home ): i miss the days where there was less traffic

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