Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Jeff de Bruges

Yay, another #zomatomeetup, and what better than something sweet to end off a super busy week! I have a sweet tooth, and love to try whatever is new out there. Jeff de Bruges is a French company with many franchises over there. They use Belgium chocolate made in France, and have Italian soft serve ice cream. Chocolates are imported from France. They opened previously in 2009, and now have re-opened in Bondi Junction. Didn't bring my camera, so iPhone pics it is...

Definitely ate one too many chocolates...

one of each please

Easter chocolates so cute!

Bruxelles dark: dark choc ganache

An original and favourite of the French people. The ganache is smooth but not melt in your mouth. Love how it's not grainy with sugar, and I think even people who like milk won't mind this dark choc since it's not too dark.

Feuille milk: smooth hazelnut praline

Milk is sweeter, but not overly sweet (towards the end of the night, all chocolates were sweet, after eating over 10...). Loved the nutty flavour from the praline inside.
Maison de Jeff dark-70%: praline w/ almond pieces, spiced w/ cinnamon and coriander

Love the dark choc in a super cute house shape, would have preferred more cinnamon, but it was an interesting combo with the coriander seeds which weren't too overpowering. One of my favourites

Trefle milk: milk choc ganache w/ early grey tea

Would have liked a stronger hit of earl grey, was more on the subtle side

Bloc Gianduja

Like nutella, but better

Tiramisu: tiramisu gianduja, dark choc coated w/ Amaretti biscuit pieces

Another favourite, bit of coffee and choc with some texture from the soft biscuits.

Snoby'chic Vanilla: duo of praline and white choc cream w/ vanilla and biscuit bits

Loving the vanilla in this super creamy filling. Teeth just sinks right through

Valentines day special-praline hazelnut w/ milk, rose petals and almond syrup

Any chocolate w/ rose petals is good. So fragrant

Biscuitine white: praline w/ gianduja and crispy puffed rice

The white choc wasn't overly sweet, and loved the crunchiness from the puffed rice, another fav

Taste citrons: dark choc ganache w/ lemon and white choc decoration

Was expecting a bigger hit of lemon, but it was still a good end to all the sweet.

Also tried the Orangette, candied orange w/ dark choc 70%. Definitely not sweet, and packed with orange flavour. The Amande dark is an almond loaded with heaps of spices.

Pear jelly-so cute and filled with real pear flavour, but it is sweet with the sugar around it

Juliette: white choc, bits of caramel and cranberries

It's so pretty! Loved the fruits which actually made the white choc/caramel not overly sweet

personalised Easter eggs

soft serve

dark choc and salted caramel

I found Italian soft serve is smooth not icy, but at the same time not as creamy. The cone was more on the soft side, I prefer a crunchy waffle cone. You can also choose toppings, but opted not too since I've already consumer too much sugar. The dark choc was definitely good quality stuff. I would have like more of a hit with the salted caramel, the salt came more as an after taste.

Strawberry and Vanilla

I thought the strawberry was more on the artificial side with overpowered the vanilla. They used madagascan Vanilla which was super yum.

orange blossom marzipan and fruit shaped marzipan

Tried a bit of the orange blossom and it was sweet but hand lovely notes of orange and floral tastes. Other marzipans were so pretty!

take home goodies!

Definitely worth trying if you're in the area. Everything is sold by grams (apart from the stuff in super cute packaging).

Jeff de Bruges Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. So pretty!! And those mini soft serves are adorable. Too bad Bondi is such a trek but definitely looks like a place to visit when going there!