Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Progressive Dinner

Had a 'Progressive Dinner' at PLUS (church uni group0 tonight. Although the food was simple, the concept is interesting. You have entree, main and dessert at 3 different houses. Everyone goes into a car and then we drive to the different houses. Luckily they were all close to church.

Entree: greek salad and lamb skewers (felt like a main)

Main: homemade coated chicken wraps

Dessert: chocolate custardy thing a guy made, which taste like that 'Yogo' yogurt

People are so generous in giving up their time for organising/prep/making the food. Cooking for over 30+ people isn't easy.

Had a 'Games Day' at a friend's house earlier (instead of studying), mainly because she has homemade spring rolls. It's like a 1hr trek down south, but decided to relax since I've been procrastinating, so might as well make it official and play board games and wii. (Obviously I'm still not doing any work right now). Went to Cabra earlier to get a pork roll, but I think they gave me less filling since I looked like a tourist taking photos, and don't look was $4.50 and not $3 which I was expecting. It was alright, nothing amazing. This was the one which had many posters of media coming to their shop, so I guess it's more expensive compared to other places...Still need to do a Cabra food run. Not even the middle of the day and Cabra is cray (and t's scary with random people talk to you even though I tried to avoid eye contact..)

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  1. Wow, that's quite a bit of travelling! But it reminds me of what we learned in church today - apparently Epicurius said that the greatest pleasure in life is spending time with family, friends and eating together :)